duminică, 28 septembrie 2008

The reproduction process of French Bulldogs

Buying a French Bulldog usually comes at a considerable price. Plus, considering taking care of it, the price goes even higher. Also, there has to be kept in mind that, in order to have a healthy pet, you should definitely find a good veterinary to consult it periodically. Therefore, there are many French Bulldog owners who are considering breeding their pets in order to make some profit. On the other hand, there are many who are looking forward doing this in order to proliferate the breed. No matter the reason why the French Bulldog owners are looking forward breeding their dogs, breeding a French Bulldog might not be as easy as it sounds. Therefore, it is imperative that French Bulldog owners learn everything that is involved in breeding a French Bulldog, before the issue receives any serious consideration.

Before considering breeding your French Bulldog, you should be definitely learning how to choose and breed-worthy mates and how to select only positive traits. Even more, when planning to breed your French Bulldog, you should learn how to avoid diminishing the breed by passing on contra-indicted health problems. Furthermore, the likelihood of in-breeding related dogs is greater, since this is a breed with a smaller overall population. Lineage has to be thoroughly researched prior to mating dogs. This aspect is very important.

Practically, you will have to locate another experienced breeder to serve as mentor and guide the French Bulldogs through the whole process of reproduction. This will prove that you treat this aspect with responsibility, since the first-time French Bulldog breeder should never go through the process alone. Therefore, you should take time and search for a truly professional French Bulldog breeder to make sure that everything goes right in the reproduction process of your French Bulldog.

About the health of the French Bulldogs

For the ones looking for a more calm and manageable pet, it is well known that French Bulldogs are proven as excellent house companions. Also, there has to be kept in mind that, since they are a dog breed that has specific health and maintenance needs, French Bulldogs do require an added level of commitment on the part of owners.

Nowadays, it is considered that buying a well-bred French Bulldog that has been taken care of by a reputable breeder might just be your best bet for a healthy dog. But, even though you are buying a French Bulldog that you know it has been well taken care of, this still can not represent a hundred percent guarantee that it will not suffer from some of the signature health problems of the breed. There has to be paid attention to the fact that due to their short breathing passages and inability to regulate body temperature, all French Bulldogs are subject to heat-related distress. Plus, there is actually no French Bulldog that is not vulnerable to cold. Even more, there are some French Bulldogs for which the Von Willebrand’s Disease is practically inevitable. This disease reflects a genetic bleeding syndrome.

Even though there are many diseases from which French Bulldogs may suffer, this doesn’t mean that the French Bulldog that you are looking forward to buy will be suffering from any of them. Plus, even though there are many diseases that can harm French Bulldogs, this breed is considered to be the healthiest of the bulldog breeds. It is important as well to be considered that you have better odds of getting a dog that will have minimal health problems, if you have reliable information on each parent dog and their ancestral line, since many of the diseases that plague the French Bulldog are hereditary and/or congenital in nature.

marți, 23 septembrie 2008

Probiotic food for dogs

Probiotics are live micro-organisms which, when administered in sufficient amounts, confer a health benefit to the body. Probiotics can be defined as microbial cells that have a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of the body.

So we know that Probiotics are good for our health and bodies, so why not take care of your dogs as carefully as of your own health?!

There is nowadays Super Premium food for dogs that contains a live probiotic bacteria. The new ground breaking technology allows placing the bacteria inside the kibble and keeping it stable for at least 15 months at needed concentration. This insures the preventive probiotic effect of the product.

Formula ProBiotic line contains five basic products differentiated mainly by age, which in combination with probiotics help the animal to achieve the top state of health and mood: Puppy, Adult, Adult Plus, Sensitive and Senior.

vineri, 19 septembrie 2008

Short poem for French Bulldogs

I am not a pig, I am not a Pug.
My ears haven’t been cropped,
My tail hasn’t been docked.
I didn’t run into a wall or get hit with a fry pan,
I do not bite,
but my owner is another matter altogether.
That noise is how I breathe—I am not
growling at your child.
I’m not so ugly I’m almost cute,
and anyone who says that is so stupid they're
almost smart.
I am a French Bulldog
and I am perfect in every way!