duminică, 31 mai 2009

Bad hair day for dogs

Dogs are usually cute and fluffy, but there are some dog breads with really bad haircuts.

The Chinese crested dog is on the top of the list of weird looking dogs. They are great companions if you can get used with their strange looks.

The Bedlington Terrier is one of the biggest Terriers and when it is properly shorn it looks very much like a lamb. It is a great family dog and it doesn't shed much.

The Mexican hairless dog is even more ugly than The Chinese crested dog. This bread is also known as Xoloitzcunintli and they never need a brush or a comb.

marți, 26 mai 2009

Best dogs for hard working people

Nowadays people work more and have less free time.

If you are a hard working man or woman and you want to adopt a dog don't be discouraged by the lake of time or space because there are dog breads that can easily accommodate to your lifestyle.

Accept the food and water, dogs also need short walks for their physiological needs and at least 10-30 minutes to play and bond with their owner.

The best dog breads for hard working people are: terriers, basset hounds, Boston terriers or French Bulldogs, English Grey Hounds and even the small Teckels.

joi, 21 mai 2009

The most suitable dogs for families with children

When you decide to buy a dog it is very important to choose the right bread. This dog will become part of your family and you must consider seriously the space, time and financial resources you have for the new member of your family.

If you have children you must choose a dog bread that loves kids and will allow a little rough play.

We have a list of the most docile dog breads suitable for families with children:
Golden retriever, West Highland white terriers, Irish setter, Schnauzer, poodle, basset hound, bichon, beagle, collie and of course the French Bulldog.