My French Bulldog

vineri, 18 iunie 2010

Honey pooch

Honey-pooch is my new Cyprus poodle friend.
She is only 2 months old, very small and fluffy.


Don't be fooled by the plush toy looks in this pictures. Honey-pooch is very friendly, playful, bubbly, and she likes to chew everything, especially shoes ( Help!).:)

vineri, 14 mai 2010

Travelling abroad with your dog

If you are planning a trip abroad for this summer and you want to take your dog pet with you there are some things you should know before travelling with your dog in a European country:

1. You need a European Passport for your dog

2. The dog must have microchip or tattoo

3. Rabies vaccination 30 days before leaving

4. The dog must be dewormed and treated against fleas and ticks before leaving

5. Blood tests and blood results from a EU approved laboratory

You will also need a special comfortable cage suitable for your dog's size.

joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Dogs and cats

...So...dogs and cats are very good friends after all...

luni, 7 decembrie 2009

Dog and kitten ( Chayenne & Sticky)

I’ve always considered myself a dog person and in fact I’ve always had dogs since I was a child.

I adopted Chayenne almost three years ago and she is the perfect dog for our family. She is quiet, obedient and playful, almost like a sister for my son.

Two months ago I also adopted Sticky, a stray kitten and he became quickly a member of our family and a best friend for my son and Chayenne. The first week was a little difficult because Sticky needed a little time to gain trust in Chayenne, but now they sleep together, they eat and play together, like brother and sister.

So I am proud to present my two beautiful pets, dog and kitten,best friends ever.

vineri, 4 decembrie 2009

Kittens and kids

When you decide to adopt a kitten, especially if you have children too, you must know some important facts about living together happily.

The first meeting of the kitten with his new family is very important. You should let the kitten discover his new home freely. The children should wait patiently for the kitten to come to them when he’s ready.

You must teach your children that the kitten is a new member of the family with habits and rights, and not at all a toy.

Kittens and children don’t realize the playing limits. Cats can’t control their teeth and claws and children don’t always know that is not a very nice to pull the cat’s tail. That’s why it is very important to teach your children to play nicely with their new pet.

You should also buy some toys for the kitten. Choose a small easy toy and not too loud because cat’s hearing is very sensitive.

miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2009

Beautiful Chow-Chow puppies for sale

These are Sun, Ioko, Tao, Muffin and Lucky, beautiful Chow-Chow puppies.

If you are anywhere in Romania at this time and you would like to addopt one of these cute and smart Chow-Chow puppies please contact the owner at +40753161116.

Thank you.

vineri, 9 octombrie 2009

Halloween for our pets

This Halloween we'll have a lot of fun!

As scary as it will be for our pets, they will have to wear Halloween costumes to fit perfectly in the magical set of Halloween 2009.