sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2009

Sticky the cutest cat

This is our new family member, Sticky the cat.

I saw Sticky at the Pet Shop on my way to my son's kindergarden one day. He was not for sale, he was just a cute little stray cat looking for a nice family to adopt him. I just couldn't resist him, he stick to my heart since day one.

Now he is very happy in my home and he plays for hours with my son. They are so cute.

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Fata Verde spunea...

Vai cat e de fain!!! Felicitari Zana pentru decizia de a-l adopta!!!E un mâţ pe cinste! Sa va traiasca si sa va bucurati de el si el de voi!

P.S. Noi o mai avem numai pe negresa :( Cel alb a murit acum un an...