vineri, 11 septembrie 2009

Choose your favorite puppy

Puppies are irresistible!

Choose your favorite puppy if you can:

marți, 8 septembrie 2009

Dogs are kids' best friends

Children love dogs and dogs love children.
Dogs are kids' best friends and it is a great joy to watch them play for hours.

Bye bye now. We are going to take a nap.

luni, 7 septembrie 2009


There is an old say that mother is the one that raises you, not the one who just gives birth.

joi, 3 septembrie 2009

An usual day as a cat

The most important thing in life is a good night sleep.

Breakfast is important too. As much milk as I can eat.

Then I go play with my friends.

Tease the dog.

Go shopping.

Do some laundry.

Then go back to sleep.

Have a nice day!

The giant beauty of pandas

Panda bears are a great symbol of all endangered species.
They all look like big toys and it is a great pleasure to watch them.