marți, 4 septembrie 2007

Dog biting

How To Keep Kids Safe

Kids receive most of the dog bites for various reasons. Children lack restraint, they tend to move fast and have a small size. Some dogs consider them competitors while other dogs may view them as prey.
So teaching a child the correct approach to greeting a dog is extremely important.

Rules for Avoiding Dog Bites:

* Never approach a strange dog. Do not pet a dog who is not with his owner.
* Ask permission from the owner before petting the dog.
* Wait for the dog to come to you.
* Do not approach a dog that is tied up, in a car or in a fenced yard.
* Let the dog sniff your hand by holding out your hand with the palm facing down.
* Do not pet a dog on the head or face, instead stroke his body gently in the same direction his hair grows.
* Don't stare the dog directly into his eyes.
* Never pull the dog's ears or tail. Never poke at his eyes, mouth or nose.
* Do not run from a dog.

What to Do if a Dog Threatens You:

For added safety, make sure your child know what to do if threatened by a dog.

* Stand still, do not run and do not turn your back to the dog.
* Don't look the dog directly in his eyes.
* Back away from the dog slowly.
* If the dog moves toward you, command him to go home with a low voice.
* If a dog attacks you, curl into a ball and use your arms and hands to protect your head and neck. If you have a jacket or backpack, try to place between you and the dog.

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