joi, 11 octombrie 2007

Baby killed by Rottweiler

I know I was supposed to write only great things about dogs, but this story made me so sad! I used to have a big boxer before I gave birth to my son, but he was untrained and he didn't listen to anyone. So I feared for my son's life and I gave away my beloved boxer to someone with a house and yard. Now my son is almost 11 months old and we have a wonderful French bulldog puppy who is my son's best friend.

Kylie Cox was mauled and killed by a 120 pound Rottweiler at a home that her mother had gone to for a visit.
This days little Kylie would have turned 4 months old.
Her little life was cut short by a horrible unforeseen accident on Wed.
Kylie's mother, Alexis Cox, was planning to have a small birthday party for her daughter's four month birthday.
Instead this young mother spent yesterday making funeral arrangements for her baby girl.

"She was a very happy baby," Alexis Cox said in a phone interview Thursday. "She was always smiling."
The baby was taken to a friends home Wednesday afternoon.
Shortly after they arrived the baby started to cry. A friend was watching the baby while Cox left the room to warm a bottle for the baby. As the friend was taking Kylie out of the car seat the dog attacked the baby.
According to the police there were about 12 people in the home that tried to pull the dog off the baby.
So far no charges have been filed against the dog's owner.
That decision will not be made until the people that were at the home are interviewed.
The dog is to be euthanized.

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