duminică, 18 mai 2008

Extra-care for older dogs

Old dogs, as well as old people, need extra care and attention.
For dogs old age begins at 7 years for the big dogs, and at 10 years for the small dogs.
Dogs slow down with age, they exercise less, their hair gets grizzled, and sometimes they become grumpier. Older dogs need your understanding and compassion.
If you have a wonderful dog companion that reached the age of seven you should take it to the vet for a full examination. The vet might start a “senior care” program.
You should also change and control the food you give to your older dog. Older dogs tend to become obese and this is not at all good for their health. So control their portions and start a senior diet, with more soft food because their teeth might be more fragile.
Be very tolerant to your older dog.
Dogs are such good and loyal friends and we owe them a beautiful old age.

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