joi, 29 mai 2008

The importance of choosing the right dog

I love dogs and I just can’t imagine life without the companionship of a loyal, beautiful, smart dog. All my life I raised and enjoyed the company of dogs.

When I was a child I had a smart little Papillon dog named Cora, then, after Cora died we adopted Tasha, a very playful and noisy Bichon. When I grew up and moved out with my boyfriend we wanted a more imposing dog and we adopted Twix, a beautiful Boxer. This was not such a good idea, even though we loved him very much, Twix was a big dog and a little bit crazy, he needed a lot of space cause he loved running very much. When we found out that we will have a baby we had to give away Twix to someone who had a big yard, because he kept knocking us down.

After my baby was born we did a lot of research because we realized that having a dog is wonderful, but it is very important that the dog you choose to adopt fits into your house and schedule. Otherwise life can be tough for both the owner and the dog. We finally chose to adopt a very cute French bulldog, Chayenne. She is very sociable, she loves children very much, she is very affectionate and loyal, she is the perfect dog for us and I hope she’ll live one hundred years!

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