marți, 7 iulie 2009

Top breeds of dogs for children

Most children love dogs and want very much a puppy as a pet of their own.

Children see dogs as a friend or as a living toy, but they must be aware and to participate actively in the care and raising him.

But before you bring a dog in the house where there are children, you must take note of certain issues. The choice must be done carefully and with a lot of attention, because the dog must meet certain conditions and qualities. First of all the dog breed is very important because some dog personalities adapt better among children.

Top breeds of dogs for children

The poodle- a dog of various sizes (large, medium and small as a toy), intelligent and easy to care. Poodle dog is very playful and affectionate pet for your children.

Pug- are very playful, social, and get along great with children, considering them their brothers. As long as the children do their homework,the pug will wait patiently, and when it is time to play will respond promptly.

French Bulldog
- a very loyal and quiet dog which is very easy to take care of. French bulldogs can become quickly friends with your children and they know how to behave. They even bear a little rough play and if it gets to hard for them they will just leave someplace else to sleep.

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