joi, 16 august 2007

The first operation

‘Cherry eye’, an everted (rolled out) 3rd eyelid with the gland underneath exposed. This occurs usually secondary to loose eyelids and inflammation of the eye. It is usually seen over 6 weeks and under 6 months of age. Low incidence as most Frenchies have tight eyelids.
I was so scared when I saw that awful gland out of my puppy's left eye, but the vet told me that it's a very simple operation. First I hoped that it will retreat itself and I put cold compresses on the eye. Indeed it did retreat, but after a couple of days the gland rolled out again. So we went to the vet's surgery room. The operation took about 15 minutes. The vet extracted the gland and my puppy looked normal again.
Another worry I had bacause the vet put Chayenne under anesthetic during the operation. I know that the French bulldog ia a bad candidate for anaesthesia because The French bulldog has a flat face, short muzzle and a condensed breathing system; it is this breathing system that gives the breed its commonly known snuffles, sniffles and snorting noises. But in a few hours Chayenne was again lively and happy. Since then she had no other medical problems and I hope she'll never have any.

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