vineri, 10 august 2007

Welcome home Chayenne!

I brought my beautiful puppy home on the 16th of June. The breeder that sold her to me brought her from Basarabia. It was a very hot day and the puppy was all flabby and tired. I was kind of skeptical because I thought she was sick. When we arrived home I gave her water and puppy food but she threw up cause she was not used to dog food so I gave her milk and in no time she was all joyful and naughty. We named her Chayenne and she is 15 weeks old now. Chayenne is a very smart dog and it was no trouble for us to teach her to sleep in her couch or to go out. She also knows "sit" and "give me a kiss". She is also a very good companion for our son, Andrii, who's 8 months old.We love her very much and she's part of our family.

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