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Health Conditions in French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are most definitely adorable. Their flat little faces, stubby bodies, bat ears and short backs all combine to make for an adorable package, yet they also combine to produce conditions which make French Bulldogs prone to some rather alarming health conditions. Even the most conscientious breeder, using only the most thoroughly screened dogs, can still occasionally produce afflicted dogs. This is a fact which anyone considering the purchase of a Frenchie needs to be aware of.
Frenchies are a Brachycephalic breed - a fancy word which basically means dogs with short muzzles, flat faces and condensed breathing systems. This is what's responsible for the adorable snorting and snuffling sounds your Frenchie makes - but it's also a serious matter for your dog's health. They also combine to make anesthetic a serious matter for the breed. Anesthetic should only ever be administered for the most critical of procedures - no 'putting under' for simple nail clippings, please. Isoflourine is the most popular type of anesthesia, for various reasons, but this is a topic best discussed with your Veterinarian.
The shorter breathing system of the French Bulldog is also what puts them at such very strong risk for heat stroke. Shorter airway=less possibility of cooling the air which the dogs draws into its body. Never, EVER underestimate your dog's susceptibility to heat stroke. Limit their exposure to temperatures which you might personally find only mildly hot, be conscious of your dog's proximity to hot pavement, NEVER leave your Frenchie in a locked car in even warm weather, and always allow them lots of access to fresh water, shade, and cool areas to escape from heat. Be alert, and be prepared with the things you need to save your dog's life.
French Bulldogs can also be prone to:Hypothyroid, eye conditions and heart conditions.

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